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Welcome to the Daily Grind! Your weekly goal-driven podcast featuring host Kelly Johnson. Established August 2019 in Chicago, IL. Currently based in Portland, OR.

Q: Tell us more about the Daily Grind.

A: The Daily Grind is a weekly goal-driven podcast hosted by Midwest native Kelly Johnson, motivating YOU on your ‘daily grind.’ Every episode she sits down with a startup founder, business owner, sports professional, industry expert, or social media influencer giving you everyday tips and key takeaways to reaching your goals. Make every day count and as always, keep up the grind! 

Q: How did the Daily Grind become created?

A: Kelly realized her story was unique and inspiring. With her outgoing personality and through interviews with colleagues, industry experts, and working professionals across all industries, Kelly thought it would be interesting to share their ‘daily grind’ and what they do and how they achieve their goals by being efficient, productive and best practices in everyday life.

Podcast Episodes

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S5 Episode 22: Andrew Dvorscak | Owner + Head Roaster | Rainbow City Coffee ☕️ The Daily Grind

“Having that passion and having that consistency behind it are really the biggest contributing factors to [daily] grind” on the Daily Grind ☕️, your weekly goal-driven podcast. This episode features Kelly Johnson @kellyfastruns and special guest Andrew Dvorscak, owner and head roaster at Rainbow City Coffee based in Denver, Colorado. Andrew created Rainbow City Coffee in 2020 after being laid off from his marketing job with no prior experience in the coffee industry. He became an expert coffee roaster and sources sustainably and ethically beans from the best farmers around the world. Rainbow City Coffee is quality coffee and can be shipped right to your door! S5 Episode 22: 09/26/2023 Featuring Kelly Johnson with Special Guest Andrew Dvorscak Audio Credit Intro: Draw The Line Mastered by Connor Christian Follow Our Podcast: Instagram: @dailygrindpod  Twitter: @dailygrindpod  Podcast Website:  Follow Our Special Guest: Website: Instagram: — Support this podcast:
  1. S5 Episode 22: Andrew Dvorscak | Owner + Head Roaster | Rainbow City Coffee ☕️
  2. S5 Episode 21: Steve Marcinuk | General Manager | Intelligent Relations
  3. S5 Episode 20: Jake Buzaid | Founder | Curation Beverage Co
  4. S5 Episode 19: David Thorpe| Partner and Analyst | True Hoop 🏀
  5. S5 Episode 18: Jim Saliba | Certified Coach | Saliba Consulting

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Our Podcast Team

Kelly Johnson
🎙 Podcast Host
📍From Milwaukee, WI
📚 University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Kansas
🗣 The term “podcast” is a mashup of iPod and broadcast — it was coined by a journalist in 2004.
Jill Caltagirone
🎙 Social Media Marketing
📍From Little Falls, NJ
📚 William Paterson University
🗣 The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland!

Aidan Donaldson
🎙 Business Strategy
📍From Toronto, Canada
📚 Durham College
🗣 Polar bears have black skin. And actually, their fur isn’t white—it’s see-through, so it appears white as it reflects light.

Melanie Valente
🎙 Event Marketing
📍From Manasqaun, NJ
📚 University of Maryland
🗣 The Eiffel Tower can be 15 cm taller during the summer, due to thermal expansion.
Gabrialle Turner
🎙 Social Media
📍From York, PA
📚 Towson University
🗣 Penguins were originally called “strange geese” when first discovered by explorers.
Alexa Giec
🎙 Podcast Production
📍From Chicopee, MA
📚 LIM College
🗣 There are more fake than real flamingos.

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