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Welcome to the Daily Grind! Your weekly motivational podcast featuring the one and only Kelly Johnson. Established August 2019 in Chicago, IL.

Give us this day, our daily grind!

Q: How did the Daily Grind become created?

A: I realized my story is unique and inspiring. With my outgoing personality and through interviews with colleagues, friends, and professionals across all industries and areas, I thought it would be interesting to share our ‘daily grind’ and what we do and how we achieve our goals by being efficient, productive and even finding time to fit in recording this podcast.

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S2 Episode 13: Special Guest Ian Westermann The Daily Grind

‘Embrace failure and embrace the challenge to overcome the setbacks’…on the Daily Grind, your new weekly motivational podcast. This episode features Kelly Johnson and special guest Ian Westermann! Westermann is the founder of Essential Tennis, which provides passionate instruction for passionate tennis players so they can improve at the game that they love. Westermann lives and works in the Milwaukee area! In today's episode, Westermann shares how he became interested in the sport of tennis, which led to teaching, coaching, and now a content creator and founder of one of the biggest tennis platforms in the industry. He tells us more about Essential Tennis, the challenges from creating content within a digital channel to helping avid players such as one of his clients (76 years old!) improve their strokes and strategy. Also, Westermann talks about the importance of having the right mindset and being open to learning new things. Lastly, Westermann shares his own ‘daily grind’ and ways he optimizes his time and for listeners to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle! Check out our Instagram Giveaway for September partnering with Fluent on the Daily Grind Podcast @kjfdailygrind! Audio Credit Intro: Draw The Line Mastered by Connor Christian Follow Our Podcast: Instagram: @kjfdailygrind  Facebook: @kjfdailygrind  Podcast Network: Follow our Host: Twitter: @kellyjlefty  Instagram: @kellyjlefty  Follow our Special Guest: Twitter: @essentialtennis  Instagram: @essentialtennis   YouTube: Website: — Support this podcast:
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